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If you are facing theft charges in San Diego or the surrounding area, get a strong defense by call David Silldorf Law, criminal defense attorney. He has vast experience with handling theft crimes cases and helping to bring about the fairest possible outcome for his clients. He fiercely fights on behalf of the accused, doing the hard work that it takes to build a solid, comprehensive case for theft crimes. These types of offenses involve the unlawful seizing of property.

From petty theft to grand theft, it is a wise move to get a lawyer on your side, no matter the case. Having a theft crime on your record can make getting gainful employment a huge struggle and can also heavily damage your reputation. In addition, they can also create issues if you are seeking a visa or green card.

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Types of Theft Crimes

There are a wide range of theft crimes, and David Silldorf can handle a case concerning any one of them. Start by identifying which type of crime you may be involved with at the moment.

Theft crimes include:

  • Petty theft - theft of property valued up to $950.
  • Grand theft - theft of property valued at $950 or above.
  • Carjacking - seizing a vehicle by means of force, threats, or intimidation from someone's immediate possession.
  • Burglary - the unlawful entering of a property with the intention of committing theft.
  • Robbery - seizing property by means of force, threats, or intimidation from someone's immediate possession.
  • Embezzlement - the process of taking or misappropriating funds or property that were entrusted to the thief by the rightful owner.
  • Grand theft auto - theft of vehicle valued at $950 or above.
  • Grand theft of a firearm - any theft of a firearm, regardless of the value.

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