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Sex crimes are among the most serious types of offenses and can be punished heavily. If you are currently facing charges for a sex crime, you need to get in touch with a skilled San Diego sex crime lawyer today. A skilled lawyer is able to build up a fair defense case on your behalf, all while seeking the most just outcome for your situation. It is important to begin on your case as early as possible to ensure that all the factors are taken into account.

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Types of Sex Crime Cases Attorney Silldorf Handles

David Silldorf Law has experience with handling a variety of sex crimes cases and he has the skill to help you. Even in the most complex of situations, he can assist you with the informed legal guidance that you need.

Mr. Silldorf can defend clients for all the following crimes and more:

Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer Indecent exposure
Sexual battery
Statutory rape
Date rape
Child sexual abuse
Possession of child pornography
Lewd acts with a child
Solicitation of lewd conduct

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While some of these crimes are considered misdemeanors and are generally punishable by fines or up to a year in jail, many are felonies. These can carry heavy penalties, even up to 8 years in jail. To defend you rights, you should get a San Diego criminal defense lawyer on your side. If you are facing charges for a sex crime, getting a lawyer to defend your best interest is of the utmost importance. David Silldorf gives his clients his full, personalized attention and works tirelessly to see that the fairest possible outcome is served. David Silldorf Law has a proven history of success and is available to help clients 24/7.

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