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If you have violated your probation, a judge has the option to re-instate your probation, add new conditions to your probation, or revoke your probation completely and sentence you to jail or prison time. With this uncertainty and your future freedom at stake, you need the help of a San Diego criminal defense lawyer to negotiate the terms of your probation before a judge.

Probation violations include infractions such as:

  • Failure to meet with your probation officer at the scheduled time
  • Failure to attend treatment programs such as counseling or drug treatment
  • The possession of weapons or drugs
  • A failed drug test
  • Refusing to submit a drug test
  • Failure to appear at a court hearing
  • The commission of a crime while on probation
  • Failure to pay fines or restitution ordered by the court
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About Probation Terms

While probation is meant to keep you from having to serve time in jail or prison, if your probation terms are violated, you could be facing the original jail or prison sentence. There will be no jury to hear your testimony and plea, so having an aggressive and experienced attorney to advocate for you before a judge is vital to the successful outcome of your case. Attorney Silldorf has served San Diego with exceptional and highly respected legal defense for several years and will take on your case with the tenacity and professionalism it deserves.

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