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Civil rights are a fundamental part of our liberties as Americans. The justice system, in particular, provides anyone who has been accused of committing a crime certain constitutional rights. Additionally, an officer may only arrest someone if there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

Police officers must use a reasonable amount of force during arrests—without necessitating the use of violence. Some officers, however, can and do exert excessive force to subdue and arrest a suspect. When law enforcement uses unreasonable or excessive force against a person, they should be liable for the harm, humiliation, and damages that resulted from their unlawful acts.

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What Is Considered “Excessive Force?”

By definition, law enforcement has the right to use force within reason to arrest someone. A court can find if an officer acted unreasonably or with excessive force when their actions go further than that which was required or necessary under the circumstances. You may seek restitution against those officers who have flaunted or abused their power unnecessarily and used it against you. We can investigate deeper into the matter, to determine exactly how the officer acted.

Some examples of excessive force include:

  • Using batons to strike a suspect and cause injuries
  • Using a taser when the suspected showed no threat of violence
  • Punching, striking, kicking, or choking a suspect that has already been cuffed
  • Using tear gas against non-violent offenders
  • Exerting physical violence to get a suspect to talk

As a San Diego civil rights attorney, Attorney David Silldorf understands the laws and knows how to protect the rights of those who have been violated by law enforcement officials. We wish to trust that officers will do what is right in the name of the law. Remember, though that they are not always knowledgeable about the law. That’s a lawyer’s job—and that is where having an experienced attorney comes in.

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