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If you are facing charges for a felony, there is no time to lose in contacting a trusted criminal defense lawyer. Because of the serious nature of these crimes, your future and reputation can depend on the outcome of your case. You cannot afford to plead guilty. You need an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney from David Silldorf Law to defend your rights.

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About Felonies in CA

A felony is a serious crime that comes with harsh consequences. In the State of California, felonies can be punished by imprisonment or possibly even the death penalty. Unlike other states, where felonies are arranged into different classes with varying levels of seriousness, California exacts punishment by on a case-by-case basis for each particular crime. For each felony crime, a judge will personally determine the seriousness of the crime at the time of sentencing.

There are three varying levels of terms, being low, medium, and high. This means that the judge will make the decision of how seriously an individual’s crime should be punished. Because of this system, a skilled criminal defense attorney can strive to achieve a favorable outcome on behalf of their clients.

Crimes that may considered felonies include:

Felony Crime Attorney Sex crimes
Drug crimes
Violent crimes

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It is never too early to get an attorney on your side, but waiting until it’s too late may result in disastrous consequences. Get the support and defense that you need to protect your best interests by arranging for a free consultation with a San Diego criminal defense lawyer.

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