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If you have been convicted of a state or federal crime, hope is not lost. You may be eligible to seek a thorough review of your specific case by a knowledgeable and experienced federal criminal appeals attorney at David Silldorf Law in San Diego. With his firm's help, you may be able to appeal your conviction or the sentence handed down to you to a higher court.

During your criminal case, there may have been any number of errors made that may be grounds for appeal including but not limited to:

  • The prosecution's use of evidence that should have been dismissed or excluded by the judge
  • Misconduct by the jury that may have impeded a fair trial
  • Misconduct by the prosecution that may have impeded a fair trial
  • A sentence that does not comply with or pertain to the laws involved in your case

No matter how complicated your case may be or what errors may have been made during your trial, a San Diego criminal defense attorney is vital to the successful outcome of your appeal. Attorney Silldorf will complete a thorough investigation to determine the most aggressive course of action to take.

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No two clients are alike, which is why Attorney David Silldorf gets to know each client personally to understand his or her specific story. For an aggressive federal appeal, get help from the San Diego criminal defense attorney today at David Silldorf Law. Attorney Silldorf offers a free case evaluation to discuss the details of your case and provide you with the highest quality legal strategies available to you. You and your case are important to the firm, and with his extensive experience in federal court, Attorney Silldorf will work tirelessly to help you win the outcome you deserve.

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