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If you are facing criminal charges and don't know what to do, take the age-old advice: get a lawyer on your side as soon as possible. When you are arrested, law enforcement officials may try to lead you into admitting guilt. Be sure to remember that you do have the right to remain silent and you also have the right to legal help. David Silldorf, a San Diego criminal defense lawyer, can be your support and guide throughout this difficult situation. Having an attorney on your side can help you avoid the many dangers of the criminal justice system.

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Who you select to legally represent you is a very crucial decision that you must consider carefully. When it comes to criminal defense, having an attorney who has a vast amount of knowledge regarding many different areas of criminal law can give you a much higher chance for success. This is why Attorney David Silldorf covers a wide range of criminal defense cases to better help his clients.

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At David Silldorf Law, the firm offers free consultations with an experienced criminal defense lawyers. During this meeting, Attorney Silldorf can help you identify all of your options and assist you as you move forward with your case. Mr. Silldorf understands that the need for a lawyer may happen at any time, and as such he makes himself available to clients 24/7.

His approach is simple and effective; he uses good old fashion hard work and preparation, putting in the time and attention it takes to build the strongest case that he can. Mr. Silldorf knows there are no shortcuts to success, and as such he always provides you with the personalized attention that you need.

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